Tons Of Powder

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    Iuri Sceankin - guitars, Dumitru Costin - bass, Vlad Ceban - drums

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TONS OF POWDER is the name of a brand new metal band from Chişinău, Moldova. Formed in March 2013 by Octav Casian (vocals), Iuri Sceankin (guitars), Dumitru Costin (bass) and Vlad Ceban (drums), the band is crossbreeding various musical influences from traditional heavy and stoner metal to hardcore and groove thrash, defining the outcome amalgam as “powder metal”.

Each of the four members has a longtime playing experience.
Iuri Sceankin leads his guitar career since 1998 and was directly involved in such Moldovan bands as Uthopia, Yoj, Accident, ExNN, Mahagon, Ramzes also featuring on albums and singles from artists like Chordewa, Todo, O-Zone and many others. Dumitru Costin was playing bass in Exalta, Yoj, Alternosfera, ExNN, Todo, Headswitch, Ramzes, Mandragora Root and Foc Band. Vlad Ceban played drums in Todo. Octav Casian was practicing vocals since 1992 in such Moldovan bands as Accident, Axident and Mosh Guerrilla, as well as Inaera (Gomel, Byelarus) and Tötal Harmönic Distörtion (Kiev, Ukraine).

In the first year of activity TONS OF POWDER played several concerts in Chişinău and Kiev, building up an established local fan-base. Also, the band completed the work on its debut album, entitled “To Destination!” and scheduled to be released on March 1st, 2014 – one year after the band’s birthday.

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