• Genre

    new-wave, post-punk, post-hardcore

  • Members

    Filipp Cibotari (drums), Andrei Ciobanu (bass guitar, back vocals), Mihai Ciobanu (lead guitar, back vocals), Artur Erhan (leading vocals)

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  • Recording Studio

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Stereodoping is the band which has changed the Moldovan rock scene –headlining at numerous music events, performing on the main stages of the national festivals together with the most popular bands in the country, participating in charity concerts, performances at international contests, etc. The band keeps a very good relationship with the best artists nationwide. They enjoy a dedicated fan base, which can’t wait to download the band’s newest songs from MySpace. And all this before even releasing a full length album!

Stereodoping is a post-hardcore, post-punk, new-wave band from Chisinau, Moldova. What sets them apart from other new-wave European bands is their ability to creatively combine their East-European cultural heritage with the latest trends of energetic post-punk music acclaimed internationally. Both fans and critics are following this band at every performance, filling up concert halls in a flash, but for a long time no one could define Stereodoping’s music style in one single word.

Stereodoping has been founded in 2003 by a group of friends, who have established their main priority a high quality standard for their music. The band consists of the following members:
Filipp Cibotari (drums)
Andrei Ciobanu (bass guitar, back vocals)
Mihai Ciobanu (lead guitar, back vocals)
Artur Erhan (leading vocals)

The band’s intelligence, the attention for details and the constant focus to the quality of their sound, has enshrouded the band the appreciation of the best band of the country. “One of the most wanted bands in Moldova” (as the on-line Pamparam Magazine has stated about them) collaborates with Andrei Lifenco’s recording studio, Diametral Film, local magazines and are in very colloquial relationships with the most desired and known bands of the moment as Dan Balan, Zdob si Zdub, Snails and others.

The band has never missed one opportunity to make a real show out of their performances and has a very prominent online presence. Their creativity, flexibility and originality can be also sensed in their relationship with the targeted fan group. This is the only band from the country which promotes its outputs through MySpace and their official website.

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