Alister Mars

  • Genre

    Industrial Rock/Metal

  • Members

    Alex Martin, Serghei Beloziorov, Ion Cojocaru, Andrew Cebotari

  • City


  • Recording Studio

    ASOCIAL Records, POLI DISC Records

  • Booking Agent

    [email protected]

“Alister Mars” – is the one & only Industrial Rock/Metal band from Moldova.

Formed in May 2017 by : Alex Martin (singer/songwriter), Serghei Beloziorov (bass player), Ion Cojocaru (guitar player) and Andrew Cebotari (drummer). The band recorded four songs (out of more than 20) at POLI DISC Records on November 26 the same year.
“Alister Mars” released live music videos on YouTube for “Get Up”, “Me[n]tal Disorder”, “American Dream” and “Fight”. They played their first ever show at Bike Fest in “From Dusk Till Dawn” (Balti, Moldova) on April 28 (2018), organized by moto club CRAZY FROG. The band is taking part in POT Music Contest, and is scheduled to play at MOTO PUPS Festival in Tiraspol (Transnistria) on June 1-2.

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